How Posture Affects Your Overall Health

How Posture Affects Your Overall Health

Good posture not only boosts your self-esteem and helps you exude confidence, but posture (both good and bad) affects your overall health. 

In this blog, Barry Hughes, DC explains how posture affects your overall health and what we can do here at Premier Chiropractic in Pearland, Texas, if your posture is contributing to neck or back pain.

Posture is more than just standing tall

When it comes to good posture, neutral is good — a neutral spine, that is. Good posture happens when your spine is in the neutral position. The term neutral spine refers to the natural position of your spine, and it’s when all 3 curves of the spine — cervical, thoracic, and lumbar — are in proper alignment. 

Having a good posture applies whether you’re sitting, standing, or moving throughout the day. Good posture affects all areas of your life and can improve your balance. Balance plays a critical role in almost everything you do from walking your dog to carrying groceries into your house. Poor posture, on the other hand, can weaken the very muscles that help you maintain your balance. 

Poor posture can contribute to a variety of musculoskeletal health problems, such as:

Surprisingly, poor posture can also contribute to gastrointestinal problems. This includes incontinence, constipation, and heartburn. Many posture-related problems are interconnected. For example, if you slouch too much, the added pressure on your abdomen can contribute to leaking urine (incontinence) as well as heartburn. 

If your posture isn’t in top shape while exercising, you can also increase your risk of sustaining a sports injury.  

How can you improve your posture?

Remember, your posture is how you carry yourself at all times, whether you’re moving, still, standing, sitting, or engaged in a physical activity. If your body is used to poor posture (like slouching at a desk), it can take time to make proper posture into a habit. Slouching is so habitual that you might not even realize that you’re slouching! 

Trying to break a habit isn’t easy, but it’s possible with these tips: 

When sitting

When standing

While working on the computer

In addition to the above tips, regular exercise, especially yoga, can help strengthen your core, which can also promote good posture and body awareness. Maintaining a healthy weight can also support good posture by reducing excess strain on your spine.

How chiropractic care promotes good posture

Sometimes, you might need a little extra help overcoming poor posture and the back or neck pain that are associated with it. When you come to Premier Chiropractic, Dr. Hughes starts with a thorough exam to determine the cause of your back and/or neck pain and assess your muscle tone as well as your nerve health. 

Physical therapy, including stretches and exercises, can help strengthen your core, which improves your posture. Other potential chiropractic treatments include manual adjustments and soft tissue work. Dr. Hughes can also recommend the appropriate lifestyle changes to help you adopt a habit of better posture.

If poor posture is contributing to back or neck pain, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment at our Pearland, Texas, office today. You can reach us at 281-223-1172 or through our online portal. 

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