Is My Body Toxic?

Did you know that your kidneys and liver act as filters in your body? Your kidneys filter about 200 quarts of blood each and every day, according to the National Kidney Foundation. Your body has built-in systems to help flush out toxins from your body, and because of that, many cleanses seem to focus on those two organs. 

However, after decades of toxins accumulating in your body, it’s not enough to flush toxins with one 3-day liver cleanse. At Premier Chiropractic, we know that to truly eliminate toxins, you have to focus on a cellular level. That’s why we’re proud to offer the True Cellular Detox™ so that you can get the safe and effective detox your body deserves.

But how do you know if you’d benefit from a cellular detox? In this guide, we’ll explore the top signs that your body is toxic and what you can do about it.

Toxins: where do they come from?

A toxin is anything that harms your body. The reality is that toxins come from a variety of places, and they are difficult to avoid. Environmental toxins include pollutants in both the air and water, chemical-laden toiletries, cleaning products, car exhaust, and pesticides. Environmental toxins (like pesticides) have even made their way into the food we eat. A study found that increased exposure to pesticides may be a contributing factor to increasing rates of ADHD diagnoses. 

In addition to environmental toxins, other types of toxins include: 

The human body is exposed to more environmental toxins now than ever before, and over time, it’s difficult for the lymphatic system and kidneys to combat the growing number of toxins. When your body’s natural ways of detoxing can’t get up, you’re in toxin overload.

Is your body toxic?

As toxins accumulate, your body’s natural detoxifying systems can’t keep up. Toxins cause inflammation throughout your body, according to the Lung Health Institute. Toxins also build up free radicals, which cause premature aging, illness, and cellular decay. There’s no denying that toxic overload is bad, so how do you know if you’re at a critical level? Because high levels of toxins affect multiple body systems, you might notice any of the following: 

Many individuals also report an inability to lose weight (when attempting to) when they are in a toxic overload. 

What to do when your body is toxic

It might be tempting to grab a new or trendy cleanse off the shelf at your local market, but resist the urge. Fad cleanses don’t address the problem at the source: the cellular level. The reality is that these toxins affect the human body so profoundly they reach the cellular level. 

Even worse, some “cleanses” are dangerous without any scientific support to their claims. We know that eliminating toxins is important for your overall health, but we want to help you do it safely. 

At Premier Chiropractic, we’ll help you eliminate toxins from your body in a healthy and safe way. True Cellular Detox helps to improve the function of your own cells so that your body can flush out toxins more efficiently.

To learn more about True Cellular Detox, schedule an appointment at our Pearland, Texas clinic. You can also give us a call at 281-223-1172. 

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