Want to Lose Weight? Our Detoxification Program can Help you do Just That

Sugar detox can help you loose weight

Choosing a detox diet on your own isn’t easy because there are so many different types to consider. Some take a fasting approach and allow nothing but specific liquids. Others recommend that you detox naturally by eating whole, high-fiber foods while eliminating refined and processed foods.

Between these two extremes, there are more variations than you can imagine. Out of all the choices, there isn’t one detox diet that’s “right,” but there is an approach that’s best for your overall health and weight-loss goals. That’s why we recommend physician-supervised detoxification diets.

At Premier Chiropractic in Pearland, Texas, we offer a variety of detox options, working with each patient to develop a plan that focuses on improving their health and kickstarting their weight-loss program.

Detoxification basics

Detoxification refers to neutralizing or eliminating substances that are unhealthy for your body. Many types of toxic substances get into your body, such as heavy metals and chemicals, but a detox diet to support weight loss doesn’t target environmental toxins. Instead, it helps you lose weight by meeting three key goals.

Eliminate added sugars

You can substantially kickstart your diet by detoxing from sugar for two reasons: Added sugar leads to food addictions and causes spikes in blood levels of insulin. Both actions sabotage your weight-loss efforts.


When you consume products with added sugar, like sweets and sweetened beverages, the sugar activates reward circuits in your brain, which eventually cause addiction to sugar. In fact, sugar affects the same reward system that leads to alcohol and drug addiction and makes you crave the addictive substance.

As our detox program keeps you away from sugars, you can break free of the addiction. At the same time, we provide nutrition counseling that helps you learn to stick with a healthy diet.

Another benefit of detoxing from sugar is that it helps stabilize your blood sugar. Avoiding spikes in blood sugar goes a long way toward supporting weight loss.

When blood sugar is high, your body releases insulin, which in turn tells your liver to store excess sugar as fat. On the flip side, when insulin levels drop, your body naturally reverts to burning fat for energy.

Limit calories

By definition, detox diets limit your caloric intake. In some cases, they severely restrict your calories, but each person’s detox is different and individualized to meet their needs. At Premier Chiropractic, we closely monitor low-calorie detox diets to be sure you get the nutrients you need, whether from supplements or nutrient-rich and low-calorie foods like vegetables.

Through nutrition counseling, we also make sure you’re prepared with a sustainable diet and nutrition plan that supports your ongoing weight loss when your detox is finished.

It’s also important to stay under our care when you’re on a low-calorie diet, especially if your calories drop below 800-1,000 daily. At that caloric level, you’re at a higher risk for electrolyte imbalances and developing gallstones.

Keep your liver and gut healthy

Your liver is the chief detox organ in your body. A healthy liver also helps you lose weight by digesting fat, balancing sugar levels, and converting fat into energy. If needed, your detox diet may include antioxidants and nutrients that keep your liver in optimal health.

Your large intestine (gut) is the host to vast numbers of bacteria, some of which affect your weight. It turns out that the type and amount of bacteria in your gut affect fat storage and metabolism. For example, a shift in the type of gut bacteria may slow down your resting metabolic rate.

Although many factors affect the type of bacteria in your gut, your diet has a direct impact. We can structure a detox diet that helps you lose weight and feel better through its impact on gut bacteria.

If you’d like to learn more about our detoxification plans and the many ways they can help your weight-loss efforts, call Premier Chiropractic or book an appointment online.

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