Why Rehab Is Pivotal to Recovering From an Injury

Have you experienced an injury that drastically affected your mobility? Do you want to make sure you’re fully recovered before re-engaging in your usual physical activities? Here at Premier Chiropractic in Pearland, Texas, Dr. Barry Hughes and Dr. Matt Federowicz have years of experience providing rehabilitative care to people recovering from injuries and chronic pain. 

We’d like to share our take on why rehab is pivotal to your recovery if you’ve been injured and are trying to get back to normal physical functioning.

Different types of rehabilitation

There are two main types of rehab: passive and active. Passive therapy involves the use of ice, massage of soft tissues, and possibly electric stimulation to promote healing. Active therapy is something you can learn to do on your own, which includes exercise, strategic exercises, and strength training.

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may benefit from a combination of both types of rehab. Typically, passive therapies will come first in order to reduce inflammation. As your condition starts to improve, you can move on to more active forms.

Why rehab is important

There are several benefits to rehab. Physical rehabilitation is designed to decrease your pain so you can get back to your normal life sooner rather than later. You can regain the mobility you had before your injury with rehab faster than without it by reducing joint and muscle swelling. When your muscles are strengthened, you’ll have better balance and mobility, and therefore a decreased risk of injuring yourself again in the future. Rehab can also help you avoid the need for surgery. 

What to expect during rehab

You’ll want to show up for your appointment wearing loose, comfortable clothing – as if you are going to the gym for a workout. You’ll begin the same way as a normal exercise day, with light warm-ups and stretches. The specific exercises you’ll do depend on the parts of your body that are injured. Your therapist may perform soft tissue massages in between exercises.

The goal of these exercises is to restore the normal function of injured muscles and joints. Gradually, you’ll restore your usual range of motion without pain. Following your session, you’ll have what’s called a “cooldown” in order to prevent sore muscles. This may include applying ice to your muscles along with more stretches.

How long your rehab program lasts

The length of your rehab program depends on the severity of your injury. It could involve a session or two each week for several weeks months. You may also be given a routine to practice at home, which will help the recovery process move faster. We’ll evaluate your healing, strength, and range of motion as your rehab progresses and plan your sessions accordingly.

Learn more about the importance of rehab to recovery

Getting active too quickly after an injury can prolong your recovery. If you want to ensure a safe, effective rehabilitation, you can schedule an appointment at Premier Chiropractic by calling 281-223-1172. Or you can book an appointment online using this website.

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