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Rehabilitation for pre- and post-surgery support and recovery and injury prevention is available from the Premier Chiropractic team in Pearland, Texas. The expert team has decades of experience in providing effective, reliable physical therapy, and rehab care for people with chronic pain, sports injuries, surgeries, and fitness goals. Learn about their personalized treatment plans by calling or scheduling a visit online today.

Rehabilitation Q & A

What types of rehabilitation are available?

Premier Chiropractic offers comprehensive rehab and physical therapy that includes passive and active therapies. Passive therapies — those performed by your provider — include ice, massage, soft tissue rehab, and electrical stimulation. Active therapies — those performed yourself — include cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and stretching.

Depending on your condition and health goals, your rehab may incorporate both passive and active rehab. In many cases, you’ll begin treatment with passive modalities to reduce pain and inflammation before moving onto to exercises and stretches. This helps your therapist identify activities that cause pain or areas of muscle weakness or tightness in order to modify your treatment plan appropriately.

As your condition improves, your therapist incorporates more challenging exercises and activities in order to help you reach your goals.

What can I expect during my rehabilitation visit?

When you arrive for your rehab visit, the team recommends wearing athletic clothing that is comfortable for exercise and bringing a water bottle and towel, if desired. Your therapist starts your session with a gentle warm-up that includes light cardiovascular exercise, stretching, or passive rehab — like electrical stimulation. After your warm-up, your therapist may perform massage or soft tissue rehab or take you through a series of exercises.

Depending on your diagnosis, your exercise and stretch plan aims to restore normal function of joints and muscles so you have full, pain-free range of motion. You’ll also work to strengthen muscles that are involved in your injury, posture, or sport-specific activities — such as throwing or overhead movements. Your therapist also includes stretches to address muscles that are tight or tense.

At the end of your session, your therapist takes you through a cooldown to bring your heart rate back to normal and prevent muscle soreness after your session. Your cooldown may include ice, soft tissue work, or specific stretches. You’ll be able to return to your normal schedule after your session.

How long will I need rehabilitation?

The number of rehab and physical therapy sessions you’ll need depends on your diagnosis, overall physical function, and goals. In some cases, you may have one or two sessions per week over the course of a month or longer. The team outlines your plan before beginning so you know what to expect and understand what you can work on at home to support your progress.

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